Raucous Caucus 2017 Artist Spotlight!

Kordell Draper – Director

Raucous Caucus Play: The Distraction 

Kordell is a NY based Director, Stage Manager and Educator. Originally from Raleigh, NC, Kordell recently graduated from NYU where he studied Educational Theatre. Kordell’s work ranges from new play development and devised work, to site specific performance, as well as theatre classics. Selected Directing Credits include Stop Kiss (NYU), Cabaret (NYU), The Miracle Worker (NYU). Selected Stage Management credits include Freefall Frostbite (Theatre 80 St. Marks) 21 Questions (MCC Theatre), Cabaret (NYU), Stimulus (NYU Forum on Site Specific Performance), and Between (NYU Gallatin Arts Festival).

 For more information on Raucous Caucus: CLICK HERE

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