Raucous Caucus Artist Spotlight – (09/25/2016)

Glenn Giron – Director

Raucous Caucus Play: Black Standard 


Glenn Giron, originally from Santa Fe, NM has performed Regionally, in National and International Tours, and Off-Broadway. Past credits include; Assistant Director on Regional Productions and National Tours of; Ragtime, Monty Python’s Spamalot, and Curious George.  Producer/Director of GIG: With Jenna Nichols and Waiting for the G. He is also the Executive Business Director of Broadway Donation. He is very excited for his NY Directorial Debut and Raucous Caucus Debut! Thank you to Kareem Ayas, the playwright, as well as Lola and Eric! 

Charlotte Grady – Actor

Raucous Caucus Play: Whereas Puppies are Adorable


Charlotte is a non-union, New York City-based actress from Orlando, Florida. She recently completed the Acting Apprenticeship program with The Barrow Group Theatre under the artistic direction of Seth Barrish and Lee Brock; along with TBG, she has worked with TheAlphaNYC Theatre Company and Stag & Lion Theatre Company, and recently completed filming on Red Flight Pictures’ We Were the Night. She is so glad to be working with Stebos and the cast of Box Wine Theatre on this festival.

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