Box Wine Theatre is kicking off our 6th annual ten-minute political play festival, Raucous Caucus – our second production in New York City! We always produced Raucous Caucus on a low budget and count on your donations to bring it to life.

What sets Raucous Caucus apart from other political play festivals is that we present voices from all sides of the political spectrum. Box Wine Theatre believes now, more than ever, in the importance of reaching out and listening to people of differing view points to help bridge political divides, which is why this year’s festival include pieces that lean to the left, to the right, and everything in-between. 

If you’re willing to contribute $10, $30, $50 or more in tax-deductible donations to our campaign we’ll be able to reach our goal. You can also be rewarded with prizes depending on the dollar amount contributed.

Thank you for your support!

To donate please click the image or the following link:

Past Donors

We can’t thank our past and recurring donors enough for their generosity and contributions to help support the arts.  *Denotes recurring donors.

In-Kind Donations
John Bueche & Bedlam Theatre*
Mike Minehardt
Scott Herald & Rock the Cause*
Scott Pakadiatus*
Urban Samurai Theater
The Southern Theater
Up to $99
Bob & Debbie Barrow                   Sandra & Jimmy Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Beggs                          Denise Kucharski
Troy & Michelle Boucher                      Gerald & Sandra Lea
Bill & Toni Bryant*                                       Bernice Martin
Laura Buterbaugh                           Dr. & Mrs. David Martin
Norman & Roxie Callison                    Don & Jeanne Martin*
Becky & Ryan Christner           William & Georgeanne Payne
Stefan & Ronni Davis                       Jeff & Barbara Peterson
Richard & Frances Day                      Anthony & Terri Piazza
Garland & Juanita Dean                                   Roma Prassel
Susan Derge                                 Barry & Sheila Prestridge
Christine Dillmon*                              Paul & Debora Renton
Becky & Steven Farmer                         Patrick & Julie Ross
John Fishpaw                                                      A. Kay Self
Gail Fuller                                             Barbara Ann Sharp*
Carey & Melanie Hadderton                      Roy & Judy Sharp
Harry & Sally Harpole*                                     Shirley Shih
Robert & Sally Hastings                               Michael Spiller
Nathaniel Hessburg                       Sister Josephine Stewart
Jim & Melissa Hogan                                  Marilyn Stewart
Scott & Anna Hoyer                          David & Gail Whittiker
$100 – $499
Drs. David Cerretta & Sumi King
Calvin Hansen*
Margaret Parson / John Hirshi / Peace & Freedom Coalition
$500 – $999
Dr. Larry & Jeri Sharp*
$1000 – $4999
Sam Graber
The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council*